Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy in Poole

Aquatic physiotherapy is a safe and popular type of treatment that takes place in warm water – and was formerly known as hydrotherapy.  There is a range of different exercises and techniques that it incorporates to help improve physical abilities while using the water as a buoyancy aid.  If you want to try aquatic physiotherapy in Poole or have been recommended it as a treatment route, you can now receive this at Neurotherapy Limited.

Aquatic Physiotherapy in Poole

Aquatic Physiotherapy

  • Comprehensive aquatic physiotherapy program
  • Formerly known as hydrotherapy
  • Using exercise in water
  • Help improve physical abilities
  • Safe way to improve movement

Uses for aquatic physiotherapy

We use aquatic physiotherapy for a number of different reasons and for exercises that can help to improve strength, balance and coordination due to the resistance of the water.  The buoyancy of water is also ideal to help with the recovery when you can only partially manage to bear weight or not at all.  Water allows for the kind of activities that would be difficult or painful on land.

Primarily, it is used to improve mobility whether after an accident or illness or due to a condition which has reduced movement.  It can also help to reduce pain and muscle spasms as well as improving the muscle strength.

Safe way to improve

The treatment has also shown to be a safe way to improve areas such as cardiovascular fitness and core stability and posture when other land-based treatments may be painful or difficult.  It can help to improve overall balance and coordination, mood and motivation and even stimulate bladder or bowel activity.  Water exercises can enhance lung function and stimulate or improve blood circulation.

We offer treatment in a safe and friendly environment where you can feel comfortable.  All treatments are tailored to the individual to help you achieve your aims and can include other types of treatment as well alongside it.


"He clearly has a huge commitment to delivering high level neuro-rehabilitation and I would recommend him to colleagues and referrers."

Dr M

Consultant Neuropsychologist and Clinical Director



Neurotherapy offers tailored rehabilitation from a dedicated and highly specialist physiotherapist working with adults with neurological conditions. Drawing on his experience of treating clients within the independent sector and the NHS, Gerry Harlow also provides medicolegal expert witness reports that are clear, concise, balanced and robust. To find out more about our services or how we can help you, please call Neurotherapy on 079 404 12344, email gerry@neurotherapy.co.uk or click the button below.