How to Help Patients Across Hampshire

Whether you need expert witness services or help with recovery from an injury, Neurotherapy is the regional specialists covering the Hampshire area. We offer a range of services for our patients including neurological physiotherapy and MedicoLegal services.

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Physiotherapy services

The core of what we do is based around specialist physiotherapy services.  These are different and more specialised than what is offered at most physiotherapists offices as we work with conditions and issues of a precise nature.  They range from specific treatments such as FES to more general help with things like splints and orthotics.

Neurological physiotherapy

The aim of neurological physiotherapy is to make use of the concepts of neuroplasticity.  In this, there is the ability to re-routing neural pathways in the brain, effectively re-programming the brain.  While this might sound scary, it is a process that can help with a whole range of conditions including nervous system disorders.  It is also a great way to treat the symptoms of disease or an injury and improve general health.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

FES is used to treat a specific condition called drop foot.  This is where the foot no longer responds correctly and cannot be lifted when walking, resulting in it dragging behind the person.  Drop foot is often a symptom of another condition and the aim of our treatment is to use FES to help with drop foot but also to look at the larger condition.

There are a few ways that drop foot can happen including due to spinal or brain injuries.  Even damage to the leg nerves can lead to problems.  With FES, the nerves and muscles are stimulated, and this helps them remember what to do to allow the foot to be lifted and walking as normal returns.

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic physiotherapy harnesses the power of water and the fact that we can often do more while in water than while on land.  Also known as hydrotherapy, it is a way to exercise the body and improve strength, balance and wellbeing.

Aquatic physiotherapy is used to help with a number of medical conditions.  It can help to ease muscle spasms or other types of pain and to boost recovery after illness or an accident.  The aim is to strengthen the body, improve the posture and also give the person a mental boost that comes from achieving more.

MedicoLegal services

The other major area of the services we offer is less about treating patients and more about providing expert witness and medicolegal services where our knowledge and expertise can assist.

Expert witness services involve travelling around Hampshire to offer expert testimony in a range of cases.  We work for claimant or defendant to offer our expertise and knowledge to help with a case including for quantum and liability issues.

We also offer our services in accordance with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules; Experts and Assessors, Guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims and Practice Direction 35.  This means we offer unbiased expert opinion in either reports or in-person for relevant cases.


"He clearly has a huge commitment to delivering high level neuro-rehabilitation and I would recommend him to colleagues and referrers."

Dr M

Consultant Neuropsychologist and Clinical Director



Neurotherapy offers tailored rehabilitation from a dedicated and highly specialist physiotherapist working with adults with neurological conditions. Drawing on his experience of treating clients within the independent sector and the NHS, Gerry Harlow also provides medicolegal expert witness reports that are clear, concise, balanced and robust. To find out more about our services or how we can help you, please call Neurotherapy on 079 404 12344, email or click the button below.