Assessments for Functional Electrical Stimulation devices in Poole.

Functional Electrics Stimulation or FES is a treatment used to help with a condition called foot drop.  This is a muscular weakness or paralysis that makes it hard to lift the front part of your foot and toes.  It can result in dragging your foot and having trouble walking.  If you have been told you need FES, then Neurotherapy Limited are experts in offering this

Functional Electrical Stimulation Poole


  • Functional Electrical Stimulation treatment
  • Helps with foot drop conditions
  • Improve your ability to lift your foot
  • Avoid dragging your foot
  • Walk better and be more confident

What is foot drop?

Foot drop is often a sign of an underlying problem rather than being the entire condition itself.  Sometimes it is due to muscular problems, due to a spinal or brain injury or caused by nerve damage in the leg.  It can also be a part of a neurological condition such as MS or Parkinson’s disease.  It tends to often affect just one foot but there are cases where both feet are affected, and it can be either permanent or temporary.

What is Functional Electrical Stimulation?

Functional Electrical Stimulation or FES is used to treat foot drop and works by stimulating nerves and activating muscles in order for the foot to lift at the ankle.  It is a key way to reduce trips and falls, improve walking efficiency and speed and make it less effortful to walk.  Over time, the muscles can sometimes even re-learn how to lift the foot without the stimulation.

There are a variety of different devices available that work in different ways and come with different costs.  We evaluated all devices and have decided to specialise in Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation NMES.


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